About Us

Arlan’s Market is a family-owned business headquartered in Seabrook, Texas. This grocery store is owned and operated by the Arlan family.

Arlan’s Market was founded by Ames Arlan, who still is the company’s residing President. From being a sacker in a grocery store when he was young to being a Supervisor, Ames realized that his calling was in business and thus created Arlan’s Market.

In 2012 Arlan’s bought the last six Handy Andy super markets in San Antonio and surrounding areas and three City Markets in Austin. With the four stores located in the Houston and Galveston Gulf Coast areas, this would bring them to thirteen locations. Continuous improvements have been made in the grocery stores since they were first opened. The latest improvements of which is the renovation or remodeling of Arlan’s Market in Seabrook. The newly renovated Seabrook store now offers a bistro next to the deli section. In addition all of the Hill Country and Magnolia stores have been reset, repainted and upgraded. This addition was done with the intention of giving the customers a more relaxed atmosphere while shopping.

Currently, Ames’ son Nick helps in managing the business, being the vice president as well as the manager of the company. Nick’s mother Karen also works for the company and is based in the Seabrook Headquarters. Another company executive, Michael Grant has been a long time friend, as well as a business associate. Most of Arlan’s employees have been in the company for many of years and have been with the company from its small beginnings. This is just one proof that Arlan’s Market is not just a business organization but a community of friends, as well.

Arlan’s Market prides itself in providing its customers with excellent quality service. Their grocery stores are reputed to be staffed with helpful, friendly and courteous people. The company may not offer full-service stores as of now, but what they lack, they make up for with great customer service and excellent quality goods. Among the products that are sold in Arlan’s Market include great quality meats; local, as well as international brands of beer and wine, fresh produce, breads and pastries, good quality seafood. The stores have a meat department which includes select beef, fresh chicken and pork.